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Templates, Examples, General Information
To save time for those responsible for ministry to young people in your congregation by providing resource templates, examples, and general information that may be needed in the day-to-day ministry functions of youth ministry. Topics include developing best practice safeguarding systems
, safeguarding surveys,  questions to ask your insurance agent, copyright laws, youth ministry visioning questions, learning from others mistakes, hiring and sample job descriptions and example forms; including medical emergency, covenants, incident reports, permission slips, etc...

Resource Links
The 21st century has brought with it an explosion of great resources for youth and family ministry. Yet, many parents, volunteers and staff simply do not have the necessary time to do endless searches to find those resources. At will do the work for you by providing a one stop site to guide you towards the best of the best specific to your denomination. These sections highlight both ministries that offer great resources and sites that offer great service ideas. It will save you hours of web searching.

In-House Resources
Over the years has developed resources to go along with their two main philosophies of ministry (Outcome-Based Youth Ministry and Faith Webbing). Through web based technologies like webinars, conference calls and regular updates, we offer the community resources and ideas to help implement these concepts in your congregation.