700071Gary and Laurie created outcomebasedym.com as a result of the contacts they received asking for youth ministry coaching.

It became apparent that many congregations have little or no access to professional youth ministry consultation. And/or congregations are looking for other congregations to network with who are going in the same direction. 21st century technologies now make it practical for the creation of a web-based youth ministry coaching service.

Gary and Laurie have written two books: the Faith Webbing Book and What's In Your Bag? (Outcome-based Youth Ministry) Book. These two books summarize how the couple goes about faith formation. The intention is to partner with parents as they build faith skills into young people while wrapping them in a web of faith-based relationships. Their approach is both intergenerational and family-oriented.

One of their definitions of Youth Ministry is "Youth Ministry is Youth Doing Ministry". Thus, Gary & Laurie have developed a list of Faith Skills that they build into young people in their congregation. Faith Skills that will enable young people to develop their relationship with the living triune God, while being equipped to "Do Ministry". We encourage you to checkout the Outcome-based Youth Ministry and the Faith Webbing pages to catch a glimpse of the concepts.

Then, if you have an interest in learning more about how to equip children and youth for ministry while wrapping them in a web of faith-based relationships consider joining our community. You can start by completing the Contact Form.